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Insurance Bad Faith

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New Jersey Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

You count on insurance to be there when you need it most. You paid your premiums. Now it’s time for your insurance company to step up and provide the coverage to which you’re entitled.

Despite their catchy, clever commercials, insurance companies aren’t always the good neighbors they claim to be. They’re not on your side. In fact, they’re on their side – the side of turning a tidy profit.

Unfortunately, New Jersey residents know this better than most. After Hurricane Sandy, which caused an estimated $30 billion in damage to businesses and homes throughout the Garden State, thousands of families and business owners were denied the insurance money they needed to rebuild. Many of these families and business owners are still fighting to get the money they deserve, years after filing a claim.

At Rosner & Tucker, P.C., we stand up against big insurance companies. We know their tricks and deceptions, and we are not intimidated by their scare tactics. We have helped thousands of clients fight back against insurers out to deny or devalue legitimate claims. If you have experienced  bad faith insurance in Vineland, New Jersey, we can help you, too.

Bad Faith Practices Insurance Companies Use

Bad Faith Insurance LawyerAn insurance policy is a contract. You agree to pay money toward a policy. In exchange, the insurer agrees to cover you in the event you experience an adverse event, such as a flood, car accident, or other disaster or accident. The insurance company also promises to process claims in a reasonable manner and time frame. When individuals and business owners fail to pay their premiums, you can be sure insurers won’t hesitate to cancel the coverage.

When insurance companies fail to deliver on their promises, policyholders must often scratch and claw just to get a representative to speak to them. Far too often, policyholders are passed from department to department, or forced to fill out countless claim forms – all in the name of accessing the coverage they already paid for.

Bad Faith Insurance LawyerIn other cases, insurance companies deliberately take steps to unfairly or illegally minimize the value of a claim. They do this by concealing evidence of damage, or by unreasonably delaying payment on a claim. They may send out investigators with an agenda to overlook damage or find fault with a policyholder’s claim. In cases where an insurance company has agreed to indemnify a policyholder or represent the policyholder against third-party claims, the insurer may attempt to deny coverage altogether.

Our New Jersey insurance bad faith lawyers are familiar with the way insurance companies operate. We have seen them in action time and again, and we have faced off against them across conference tables and in courtrooms throughout New Jersey.

Fight Back Against Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith can occur in various types of insurance contracts, including auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and business liability insurance. Regardless of the insurance product, policyholders have a right to expect fair treatment from their insurers. When insurance companies put profits ahead of people, they engage in unethical practices that hurt families and businesses. Our New Jersey bad faith insurance  lawyers fight hard to hold these insurance companies accountable for breaking the law and breaking faith with their policyholders.

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If your insurance company has devalued your claim or denied your claim entirely, you need an aggressive, experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Don’t wait to speak to an attorney about your case. The New Jersey bad faith insurance lawyers at Rosner & Tucker, P.C. are available today to speak to you about your claim. Call to receive your free case evaluation. Call 856-692-6500.

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