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5 Common Causes of New Jersey Car Accidents

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5 Common Causes of New Jersey Car Accidents

An auto accident can change the way you drive, and make you more fearful about getting back on the road.

Causes of Car Accidents

That’s why it’s so important for you to understand the common causes of auto accidents in New Jersey – so that you can take steps to avoid them and keep yourself from suffering a serious injury.

New Jersey Auto Accident Statistics

According to preliminary estimates from the State Police, there were more than 600 auto accident fatalities in New Jersey in 2016 – an eight percent increase from 2015, and the largest number of fatalities since 2011.

This is a disturbing trend, because in 2013 the state had the lowest number of car crash deaths in more than 20 years. But since then, the numbers have been trending upward, and that is cause for concern.

Furthermore, Burlington County led all counties in the state with 50 fatalities, with Middlesex County and Monmouth County locked in a tie for second with 49 deaths.

Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

It’s probably no surprise that police have identified “the usual suspects” when it comes to the top causes of accidents in New Jersey. Most of the major contributing factors in a car crash will involve some type of driver behavior, instead of something external such as bad weather.

But these causes are not listed simply to catalog the dangers of driving in the state, they are meant to provide information that you can act upon to help avoid a car crash.

With that in mind, the most common causes of auto accidents in New Jersey are:

  • Alcohol-impairment – drivers who consume alcohol – even if the amount is below the legal limit – are more likely to suffer from compromised reaction time, lack of focus and inability to concentrate. This can quickly lead to a devastating car accident.
  • Speeding – driving beyond the posted speed limit remains one of the most common causes of auto accidents not just in New Jersey, but throughout the U.S. Speeding exponentially increases the impact of a collision, but it also increases the likelihood that a driver will lose control of a vehicle, causing serious injury to passengers in another car, or causing property damage.
  • Driver Fatigue – fatigue can cause drivers to lose focus and concentration on the road, and to fall asleep behind the wheel. Fatigue robs drivers of the ability to pay attention to details such as the distance of another vehicle, or the fact that their vehicle is drifting into another lane.
  • Driver Distraction – this is an umbrella term that covers behavior such as texting while driving, eating, chatting with a passenger, checking GPS on a mobile device, watching a movie or TV show on an on-board video system, and applying makeup. Any activity that takes your hands off the wheel, or takes your eyes and attention off the road is classified as distracted driving.
  • Drugged Driving – unlike alcohol-impaired driving, drugged driving occurs when drivers take a prescription medication that has negative effects on their body. This can range from drowsiness, nervousness, anxiety or slowed reaction time that can have fatal consequences for the driver, and for the drivers and passengers of other vehicles on the road.

Fighting For Your Rights

If you have suffered injuries in an auto accident, it’s likely that the cause of the crash was listed above. But whatever the reason, you deserve a team of attorneys who will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation. Please call the office of Rosner Law Offices, P.C. at 856-692-6500 for a free legal consultation.

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