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How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

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How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Avoid a Pedestrian AccidentPedestrian accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime in New Jersey. Most people who suffer devastating injuries in a pedestrian accident will think back of the circumstances of the crash for many years to come, wondering if they could have taken any steps to prevent it.

Unfortunately, a lot of accidents are simply caused by a driver who is not paying the right amount of attention. In this situation, it can be the pedestrian victim who pays the price.

Pedestrian accidents are certainly on the rise and this is cause for concern for motor vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians. The repercussions of a crash can haunt someone who has caused the accident for years.

Knowing that you are responsible for someone else’s injuries or disability is a heavy burden to bear. An accident victim may be entitled to compensation after speaking with a personal injury attorney.

Working with a law firm where the attorneys are familiar with the aspects of filing a pedestrian claim is essential. What follows are several tips to help prevent being in an accident in the first place.

If you have already been in a crash, however, you need to take action to protect yourself by speaking with a lawyer immediately.

Always Follow Road Signs

Even though in many places you have the right of way, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and comply with any posted road signs. If the slight is about to change green and the walk sign is indicating you should wait, for example, it’s a good idea to wait it out.

Running out to get to your destination a couple of seconds or minutes earlier is not worth your life. Remember that many drivers are impatient and will dart out in front of you relatively quickly, so it’s better to make sure you’re always abiding by road rules just in case.

If you have the choice, try to cross at locations where there is decent lighting at all times of day. You cannot rely on other drivers to always pay attention, but you can do your part to make things easier for them and for you. It’s worth a bit of an extra hike if you can decrease your chances of being hit.

Wear Bright Colors

This is especially important in the early morning hours or at night, when drivers might not always see someone wearing black. Brighter and bolder colors help you stand out and may be the only warning a driver has before he or she hits you.

It could save your life to wear a bright color, so if you’re headed on a night walk or early morning bike ride, make sure others can see you. Even carrying a bright purse can help because the bold colors may catch someone’s eye and avoid a pedestrian accident in NJ.

Use Sidewalks

It might seem like a good shortcut to cut across the street as soon as you have an opportunity, but drivers sometimes hit walkers even in the crosswalk.

This means that you are significantly increasing your chances of being hit by staying out of the crosswalk. Always try to cross at well-lit areas and make sure that you stay within the lines.

Although this is not a foolproof way to prevent accidents, it’s a good way to avoid being seriously injured and paying the price with hospital and medical bills for months or years.

What to Do If You Have Already Been in an Accident

Although pedestrians are becoming more common and awareness campaigns and new laws have been implemented to help protect them from being seriously injured, these accidents happen all too often.

If you have already been hurt in an accident where a driver just was not paying attention or was driving recklessly and struck you, there’s a good chance that you have catastrophic injuries to prove it.

Get Help from New Jersey Auto Accident Lawyer Today

If this describes you, please reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer today. Immediately after an accident you might be under the impression that your car insurance or health insurance will help you.

This is not always guaranteed as you may have injuries above and beyond what your insurance might cover, and your deductibles and other costs can be overwhelming for you. You may be able to recover compensation from a lawsuit.

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