Businesses Use Loophole to Deny Day in Court


Tia’s employment case against Circuit City was thrown out of court even though her boss sexually harassed her for months, once even exposing his genitals. Javier lost his job when he was deployed overseas despite federal laws protecting employment for members of the Armed services. Alan and other small business owners were told they couldn’t take American Express to court for charging exorbitant exchange rates.

Debbie and several of her classmates tried to hold a trade school accountable for questionable loan practices and substandard instruction but were instead stuck paying the school’s legal fees. Marjorie, Roberta, Richard, Dean, Frances, Beulah, Horace, and Mary all suffered terribly and died from nursing home neglect, yet their families were not able to sue the nursing home companies.

How could injustices like these be allowed to exist in America where everyone has the right to take wrongdoers to court? It’s called forced arbitration, and you or a loved one may be next to lose your rights.


80% Upheld: Forced arbitration clauses with class-action waivers were upheld in 132 out of 164 federal cases in 2014, preventing Americans from taking on big companies for predatory lending, wage theft, and discrimination.

3 of 4 Unaware: A 2015 study found that three out of four consumers didn’t know if they were subject to a forced arbitration clause, and less than 7 percent were aware that they were stripped of their right to go to court.

30Million: An estimated 15 to 25 percent of U.S. employers use forced arbitration in employment contracts, which means more than 30 million employees have given up their right to go to court.


Let your voice be heard!  Tell Congress to ban forced arbitration!

Businesses are using forced arbitration to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights. Sign our petition asking Congress to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act and end forced arbitration.

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