New Jersey Truck Accident

The state of New Jersey experiences a lot of truck traffic every day to support its bustling economy and shipping needs. From simple trucks to leviathan tractor-trailers, hardly a few minutes will pass without you seeing a truck thundering on the turnpike. This means accidents caused by or involving trucks are bound to happen at one time or another, and as records from the DOT show, big rigs are more likely to be involved in accidents than small cars.

Every trucking accident brings untold suffering to the drivers involved and their families too. Because of their huge sizes, mistakes on the highway often lead to fatalities when a truck accident occurs. The driver of the big truck might not die, but other drivers involved will suffer serious injuries and even death most of the time. Because of the complexities of trucking accidents, if you or a member of your family is involved in such an accident, you are advised to consult a New Jersey truck accident attorney as soon as possible so that you can be advised about your rights and what you should do.

Different types of New Jersey Truck Accidents

Trucks use the same highways that smaller vehicles use, but unfortunately, these highways often had not been envisioned as commercial arteries, and therefore it is always a challenge sharing space with the big rigs. Except for rollovers where a driver loses control and his truck rolls over, most other accidents involve other drivers. Haphazard loading, careless driving, highway hypnosis and a poorly maintained truck can cause rollover accidents. A truck has a higher center of gravity and it is therefore more susceptible to rolling than a smaller vehicle.

Likewise, truck drivers do not always keep the required distance between them and the vehicle ahead of them. When a rear hit collision between a truck and a smaller vehicle happens, physics show that there will be less damage on the truck because it has more mass and there will be serious damage on the smaller vehicle because it has less mass. That is why there are many fatalities from trucking accidents involving smaller vehicles.

Truck Accidents have Serious Implications

Being involved in a truck accident is a harrowing event. If it is not fatal, most often there are serious injuries to contend with. That is why it is paramount that one gets a truck accident attorney to handle their case while they concentrate fully on their recovery.

Apart from the physical injuries, a truck accident victim may also develop depression and anxiety as well as post traumatic stress disorder. Some injuries may also mean loss of income. Therefore, it is paramount that the victims sue for compensation within the stipulated time, which in New Jersey is 2 years, but some accident cases require filing within 90 days for the victim to get compensation.

The truck driver is at work and therefore he/she is covered by workers compensation and could even get more benefits as negotiated by their union. The owner of the car, on the other hand, was probably not working and is therefore on their own to face the attorneys of the trucking company.

Truck accidents are very complicated. The trucking company will most likely not be willing to take the blame. The truck manufacturer will also not take the blame and will involve different parts manufacturers. There are so many dynamics involved, and that is why suing for compensation requires the services of an experienced trucking accident attorney.

The state of New Jersey has regulations that strictly control the operation of commercial trucks. If the Department of Transportation laws are not followed strictly, such neglect may lead to a rear hit collision or an accident of another nature involving trucks.

Get Help from a New Jersey Truck Accident Attorney

A New Jersey truck accident could be debilitating, and therefore you need a lot of time and medical care to recover. Victims are often left devastated and with long-term emotional effects. To get through the hard times, you need the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer to fight for compensation while you concentrate on recovering.

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