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4 Common Factors That Cause Car Accidents

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4 Common Factors That Cause Car Accidents

Who doesn’t love hopping behind the wheel and hitting the open road? Whether going for a long road trip or to the store around the corner, you need to be aware of the dangers lurking around every corner of the roadways in your area. Without the right amount of preparation, it can be tough to avoid involvement in a car accident. Knowing what commonly causes car wrecks is essential and a great way to increase your chances of avoiding a collision.

Common Cause Of Car Accidents In New JerseyThe Most Common Cause Of Car Accidents In New Jersey

The following are some of the most common factors that can cause car accidents.

  • Driving While Distracted. In the modern age of technology, almost everyone has a mobile device they rely heavily on upon. A great way to. While mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, are a great way to stay connected, they can also cause a lot of problems when behind the wheel. Each year, there are thousands of wrecks caused by drivers paying more attention to their phones than the road. If you insist on having your phone around while driving, you need to think about investing in some hands-free technology. There are a variety of headsets and talk to text features you can use when trying to avoid being distracted while behind the wheel.
  • Speeding Can Be Very Dangerous. Putting the pedal to the metal is an excellent way to see what type of power your car has, but it can also be very dangerous. Some people mistakenly think that they can speed on roads they are familiar with. The fact is, speeding will only lessen the reaction time you have when dealing with a car stopping suddenly. If you are going too fast, you will not have time to stop and avoid a crash. Instead of putting yourself and others in danger due to your need for speed, you need to obey all posted speed limits when driving.

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  • Water and Ice Covered Roads. Driving in icy or rainy conditions can also be tough. The best defense you have against hazardous road conditions like this is a good set of tires. Neglecting to have your tires checked and changed on a regular basis can lead to disastrous consequences. Driving in snow or rain with worn out tires will usually result in a variety of hazards. The less tread the tires have, the harder it will be for them to grip the road when needed. The money invested in getting new tires for a vehicle will be more than worth it in the long run.
  • Reckless Driving. Changing lanes without checking behind you, speeding excessively or not paying attention to the road are all things that can be considered reckless driving. If you are blatantly negligent behind the wheel and an accident occurs, you will be responsible for any damages done. Rather than putting yourself or other motorists at risk, you need to be mindful of all of the traffic laws in your area.

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