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How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents In New Jersey At Night

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How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents In New Jersey At Night

Riding a motorcycle is fraught with challenges, and that is even truer when motorcyclists are riding at night.

Factors such as visibility that can affect the likelihood of a wreck become even more significant when motorcycle riders operate on the road in the darkness, and without practicing some important safe-riding habits, motorcycle accidents are inevitable.

Invest In a Clear Visor When Riding At Night To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents 

Most motorcycle helmets are equipped with a visor, but unless you invest in an adaptive visor that becomes clear in darkness, you will hamper your vision when riding at night.

Motorcycle Accidents

Adaptive motorcycle helmets are like transition lenses on eyeglasses in that they adjust their tint based on the amount of available light.

So as your environment gets darker, the visor becomes clear, giving you the clarity of vision you need when riding at night.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Being able to see the road ahead is one of the keys to staying safe on a motorcycle, which is why you need to invest in high intensity discharge (HID) lights, which can provide more than three times the illumination of ordinary halogen bulbs that come standard on most motorcycles.

And HID lights don’t only provide you with greater clarity for motorcycle night riding, they also make you more visible to drivers of passenger vehicles.

Invest In Bright, Visible Gear 

If you know you are going to frequently ride your motorcycle at night, it’s important that you purchase safety gear that is bright and visible.

Many motorcycle riding shops sell safety gear in neon green, yellow, red, and white that is highly visible at night.

You should also buy reflective tape that you can put on your wheel rims as well as on the back of your motorcycle jacket to increase your visibility.

The reflective properties of the tape are triggered by artificial light sources, so when you are riding at night, the headlights from other vehicles will bring out the powerful reflection needed to alert drivers of your presence. 

Protecting the Rights of Motorcyclists 

The truth is that despite all these night riding precautions that you take, you may still be seriously injured in an accident caused by an inattentive driver. And motorcycle injuries are often much worse than injuries sustained in a motor vehicle, which means that you may face a long recovery after your accident.

The lawyers, investigators and support staff at Rosner Law Offices, P.C. has a successful track record of winning settlements in these types of cases, and we would love to help you during this challenging time. Give us a call today at 856-692-6500 for a free legal consultation.

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