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How Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury in a Car Accident Can Impact Your Sleep

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How Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury in a Car Accident Can Impact Your Sleep

Traumatic Brain Injury in a Car AccidentAfter a traumatic brain injury or a concussion, one of the most common recommended treatments is getting rest. However, individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may discover that it is impossible or difficult to get the appropriate amount of rest.

This can lead to a vicious cycle of trying to recover and severe pain for those attempting to recover. Traumatic brain injuries can have significant impacts on your ability to sleep because the portion of your brain responsible for regulating your individual sleep cycle could have been damaged in the accident.

Approximately half of the individuals who are treated for TBIs can also experience a sleep disturbance of some kind as a result of their injury. Any sleep disturbance can be harmful to an individual particularly if they are recently recovering from an accident.

These circumstances can be heightened in the event that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury because it may be critical for you to be able to recover from the accident.

Anyone who has been hurt in a New Jersey car accident knows just how overwhelming it can be to recover from a car accident. It is never easy to figure out the next course that your life will take but this becomes extremely difficult and confusing if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Although traumatic brain injuries have become increasingly well understood in the general spectrum, they are still some of the most complex types of medical conditions you can suffer after a car accident. You need to consult with a lawyer sooner rather than later in order to best protect yourself.

Having an attorney investigate your legal claim may be the only way for you to successfully recover compensation in a New Jersey personal injury accident. There are many different disorders that can develop as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

Depending on where your brain is injured, you may be subject to a wide variety of sleeping issues. Some of these may be permanent but some may heal over time.

Some of the most common disorders include:

Hypersomnolence. Hypersomnolence is the opposite of insomnia. This makes it difficult for individuals to wake up even after they have received a full night’s sleep. This could lead to daytime feelings of fog or impairments that can make it difficult to get through day to day life as well as recover from a traumatic brain injury.

Insomnia. Being unable to get to sleep is challenging for anyone but a person who is suffering the impacts of a traumatic brain injury may need extra sleep. After a brain injury or concussion, the majority of people feel overly fatigued. Insomnia may be treated with medications which may be necessary in order to allow you to heal and to sleep.

Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by your ability to breathe properly while you are asleep. The severity of this condition may depend largely on your individual circumstances but you may wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though you are suffocating or choking or you may snore loudly. You may stay asleep but wake up feeling tired because your body was attempting to breathe throughout the night.

Post traumatic narcolepsy. The most long lasting sleep disorder that can develop after a traumatic brain injury occurs is post traumatic narcolepsy and this is a long lasting sleep disorder that can have significant ramifications. The need to sleep multiple times throughout the day with very little warning of your growing tiredness can be extremely problematic.

Changes in your sleep pattern. Your brain may alter sleep patterns after you suffer a brain injury which could lead to you feeling as though you need to stay up all night and sleep during the day. This disruption might initially seem positive for those who are going to college or are working the night shift, but these changes in sleep pattern can make it more difficult for you to function as a result.

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