Tips on Protecting Your Following a Bicycle Accident

Bike Accident

Getting outdoors is a great way to alleviate the stress you have in your daily life. For some people, there is nothing better than taking a ride on their bicycle. While riding a bike can be enjoyable, it can also be quite dangerous. If a motorist is driving distracted or using the bike lane for driving, then it could lead to a variety of problems. If you are injured in a bike accident, then you should consult with a lawyer immediately. You can call us for a free consultation at 800-230-4750.  Here are a few things you can do following a bike accident to help yourself out when trying to get compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

Taking Action at the Scene of the Accident is Important

The first thing you need to remember to protect your rights in a personal injury for your biking accident is that you need to take action at the scene by making sure the police are contacted and a report is filed, and you get emergency medical attention if you are injured. Since over 75% of the bike accidents in this country occur in residential areas, you will probably have a number of witnesses to approach the scene. Make sure someone calls 911 immediately. By doing this, you will be able to get both an ambulance and a police cruiser on the way to the crash.

If you are able, try to get cell phone photos of the other vehicle, including the license plate, and any visible damage if possible. Pictures of your bicycle and any damage sustained are also important. Depending on your medical condition, you may speak to the driver of the vehicle that has hit you to get their insurance and identification information, which you can take a photo of with your cell phone if available. After this is done, be sure to avoid the following things:

Avoid Discussing Fault- The biggest mistake you can make following a bike accident is discussing who was at fault. The only person you need to talk to about the details of the wreck is the police officer making the accident report. When being interviewed about the details of the accident, you need to avoid guessing. If you cannot give an accurate answer to a police officer’s questions, there is no shame in telling them you simply don’t know.

Look for Witnesses- Another important thing you need to do when trying to protect your rights following a bike accident is to get the names and contact information for any potential witnesses who were on the scene. Once you have found witnesses to the wreck, you need to get their contact information. You can give this information to your lawyer so they can get sworn statements form the witnesses. This will help to prove who was at fault during the accident, which is essential when trying to get monetary compensation for your injuries.

Get Medical Treatment- Neglecting to get medical treatment following a bike accident can create a lot of problems. Even if you think your injuries are not that serious, you need to get them documented. With this documentation, you will be able to show that the injuries sustained were caused by the accident in question and not some pre-existing situation. Often, pictures of cuts and bruises are important so make sure that photos are taken of your injuries.

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