How Insurance Companies Fight to Avoid Paying For Your Injuries After a Car Accident


If you are facing a personal injury claim because of a car accident, insurance companies are not interested in the actual reality of the situation as much as they are in protecting their bottom line. The fact remains that an insurance provider’s goal is to make money by taking in more money in the insurance premiums that are paid than paying out for claims. As a result, there is often an appealing incentive to minimize what is paid to you as much as they can, or avoid paying anything, if possible.

As a result, insurance adjusters will pursue any type of plausible-sounding argument, and even implausible ones, that may help them convince a jury you are not entitled to receive compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Calling into Question the Issue of Fault After a Car Accident

After a car accident occurs, one of the first things insurance adjusters will do is to call into question who was really at fault. After all, if they can prove their insured client was not at fault for the accident, then the insurance company will get off the hook for the damages that occurred. Even if there isn’t anyone else to blame or if the insured person’s negligence is obvious, the insurance adjuster may begin to argue that you did something in a careless manner that contributed to the injuries that occurred.

In the state of New Jersey, with comparative negligence cases – where each party in the car accident can share fault – the percentage of fault you are considered to be responsible for will be subtracted from the settlement you receive. A car accident attorney can help you better understand how this works.

The Link Between the Accident and Your Injuries

The most common way Insurance companies and their adjusters work to ensure you don’t receive fair and full compensation for the harms and losses you suffered is to call into question the link between the car accident you were involved in and your injuries. This is done by looking through your medical history to find any pre-existing medical conditions that may have contributed to the injury. Insurance companies even seek information on social media to see if there is any information or posts that may disprove the fact that you were seriously injured and therefore entitled to receive any compensation at all.

It is often difficult for you to know how you should respond when an insurance representative is trying to rewrite what happened to reduce the amount of money they must pay for the accident. Any cases that involve car accidents should be reviewed by an attorney to ensure that you receive an amount that is fair and that you don’t have any serious issues along the way. Learn more about car accidents and when to contact a lawyer by discussing your case with our attorneys at Rosner Law Offices, P.C. by calling 856-692-6500.

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