12 Important Facts About Texting and Driving in New Jersey

Texting and Driving

Most people get so comfortable behind the wheel of their car that they forget about how dangerous the roadways in their area can be. Nearly 1.3 million people die each year in car crashes. While there are many causes for these wrecks, one of the most common is distracted driving. In the technologically advanced world of today, most people carry their mobile devices with them everywhere they go. Trying to text or scroll through your Facebook feed while behind the wheel can lead to an increased risk of wrecking. The following are some important facts you need to know about texting and driving.

1. Texting Takes A Lot Longer Than You Think

Most people think that texting and driving isn’t a big deal because it takes them no time to type a reply. There are many studies out there on texting and driving that show it takes the average person at least five seconds to compose a text. If you are going 55 mph, a 5-second text will take your eyes off of the road for a distance that is equivalent to a football field.  Not having your eyes on the road for that amount of time can lead to you crashing and injuring yourself or someone else in the process.

2. Stopping Texting and Driving is a Group Effort

It is so easy to place the blame for texting and driving solely on the driver of the vehicle. In all actuality, friends, co-workers, and family who know a person is driving should avoid sending them texts. By removing the temptation of answering a text, people will be able to keep their loved ones safer while behind the wheel. Whatever you have to say can wait until a person is done driving.

3. Texting and Driving is Becoming a Leading Cause of Car Wrecks

If you don’t think texting and driving is dangerous, then you need to realize that nearly 18% of all car accidents in the U.S. are caused by this type of distracted driving. There were nearly 3,500 people killed just last year due to texting and driving. Instead of thinking this type of accident won’t happen to you, making changes in the way you use your phone while behind the wheel is important.

4. Teens Have a Big Problem With Texting and Driving

While it is a well-known fact that teenage drivers are more accident-prone and careless behind the wheel, finding out that nearly 40% of teens polled admitted to texting and driving is alarming. If you are the parent of a teenager, you need to sit them down and have a serious talk about this type of distracted driving. The more information you are able to give your teen on the dangers of texting and driving, the easier it will be for them to make a conscious effort to avoid doing it altogether.

5. Putting Others At Risk

Some people mistakenly think that texting and driving is a victimless crime. The fact of the matter is that when you drive distracted, you are putting everyone's motorist around you at risk. The last thing you want is to be responsible for a person losing their life due to texting while behind the wheel. Do your part to keep the New Jersey roadways safe by putting your phone away while driving.

6. There is a Fine Line Between Loving Electronics and Being Addicted

Cell phones are a great way for a person to stay connected with friends and family or get important information in real-time. Many studies show that over 70% of the people tested were unable to go without their cell phone for even 24 hours. This is a real problem. Being unable to put your phone down will not only rob you of experiencing all the world has to offer, it could kill you. Cell phone addiction is a real thing and something you need to work hard to avoid at all costs.

7. Distracted Driving Will Kill Nine People Today

Let that sink in. Nine people will lose their life today due to distracted driving. This means mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers will not see their family again because someone had to answer their text while behind the wheel. Once you think about it in this way, you can clearly see why most people are passionate about passing stiff penalties for people who drive distracted.

8. It’s Not Just About Taking Your Eyes Off of the Road

Some people think that the only danger with texting and driving is the fact it takes your eyes off of the road. When you are more focused on your phone, you will fail to do things like checking your mirrors before making a lane change or paying attention to the car in front of you. Being this distracted will only lead to accidents in the long run.

9. Your Hands Aren’t On the Wheel

Another problem that comes with texting and driving is that it forces you to take your hands off of the wheel. Only having one hand on the wheel will severely limit your reaction time. This means if something suddenly appears in the road ahead of you, it will be hard to avoid it. The fact of the matter is your text message could end up costing you your life if you insist on answering it right away.

10. It Is Against the Law

New Jersey has one of the toughest texting and driving laws in the country. If you are caught driving while distracted, you will receive a fine for up to $600. Is texting worth this amount of money? If you are like most people, your answer to this question is probably no. Also, a ticket for distracted driving can put a blemish on your driving record. This may make it harder to get insurance and can drive up the insurance costs you have to pay.

11. Texting and Driving is a Genderless Problem

There is a misconception that women text and drive more than men. This is not the case because most studies have shown that women text and drive just as much as their male counterparts. Age definitely seems to be a factor when it comes to this type of distracted driving. Studies show that people from the ages of 16 to 35 are far more likely to text and drive than older people.

12. Solo Drivers Are More Likely to Text

Do you drive alone on occasion? Studies show that people driving alone are far more likely to text and drive.  The same study shows that teen drivers are far more likely to text and drive when they do not have a passenger in the car. While it is impossible to ride with a passenger at all times, a person can make a commitment to stop texting and driving even when they are by themselves.

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