What Your New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Wants You to Know About Product Liability

“Product liability” is a legal term that simply means if a product designer, a product manufacturer, or a product distributor is involved with a product, they have certain duties to the general consumer public.  They must avoid design defects and manufacturing flaws that result in dangerous products.  Additionally, if they create a product that is dangerous, they must warn the public adequately about the danger.

At Rosner Law Offices, P.C., our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have experience handling product liability cases.  We are not afraid to launch a case against multinational companies when their carelessness results in injuries.

Examples of Product Liability

Three of the most common types of product liability cases include the following:

  • Negligent product design;
  • Negligent product manufacture; and
  • Failure to warn.

Negligent Product Design

When a product is designed negligently, and that product injures or kills someone, this can result in a product liability suit.  If the product could have been reasonably designed safely, and wasn’t, the product design may be considered negligent or defective.  For example, many electric saws used in construction come with safety guides or protection to prevent users from cutting off a hand or other limb.  Where a safety guard or other device can be in place, product designers should include such a device in their design.

Negligent Product Manufacture

Sometimes, a product is designed safely, but the product is not manufactured in a manner that produces a safe product.  An example of negligent product manufacture may include a child’s toy, painted with a product that contains a toxic substance of some kind.  If the paint chips off the toy and can be ingested, and this causes, for example, brain damage, this is negligent product manufacture. Another example would be a product containing a lithium-ion battery that may unexpectedly catch fire or explode. These products can cause serious injury and harm and some of them have been removed from the marketplace.

Failure to Warn

Finally, when product manufacturers and designers create products, they have a duty to anticipate reasonable but unsafe uses.  They must warn about the dangers of such uses.  An easy example involves a stepladder.  Manufacturers and designers caution against standing on the very top of the ladder.  Failure to warn about dangerous uses is a basis for a product liability claim.

Have You Been Injured By a Product?

If you have been injured by a household product, you may have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries.  Product designers, product manufacturers, and product distributors have a duty to create products that are safe, or warn consumers when a product may be unsafe in some way.  When they fail to meet that duty, and someone gets hurt or killed, it is fair and reasonable to hold the product designer, product manufacturer, and/or product distributor accountable for their failure to keep people safe.  On a large scale, this encourages the production of safer products.  On a smaller scale, this protects consumers from having to pay for their own injuries that occurred due to someone else’s failure.

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