How to Correctly Report a Workplace Injury

Suffering an injury on the job is something that no one wants to experience. It likely means you will miss time at work, even if it’s just for the remainder of the day to seek medical care but will probably wind up being longer. Workplace injuries will happen even with all of the safety policies and procedures in place. The most important thing you must do after suffering an injury in the workplace is report it to your supervisor. Mistakes have been made in the past when it comes to reporting an injury on the job so be sure to follow the tips outlined in today’s post.

Tell Someone You’ve Been Injured

In the moments immediately following an accident on the job you need to tell someone, anyone for that matter, you’ve been injured. If the injury is bad enough they can make the call to 911 for you and help keep you comfortable while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive. If you were injured in a remote area of the workplace, or were simply alone when it happened, you must tell someone about the injury so it can be corroborated at a later time.

Put the Report in Writing

One of the worst mistakes you can make when reporting a workplace accident is doing so verbally. At the time of your injury this might be all that you can afford because of the severity of the injury or because you are being transported to the hospital. If the injury is serious enough, someone will report it to the proper channels within the company. Don’t make this assumption and fail to make your own report.

Once you have been released from the hospital, or even while still lying in bed recovering, you need to write an in-depth description of what happened. Explain in as much detail as possible what you were doing at the time of the accident and if there were any noticeable hazards near you. Explain the injury you suffered and how you were cared for by responding EMTs and at the hospital.

By writing down everything as soon as possible after the accident you will not have to think back to it a year from now if you are deposed or asked to testify against your employer. Save the document and then email it to a representative in the human resources department, your direct supervisor, and the head of your department. Save the email in your records too. Documenting all of this will make it easier for you to prove that the incident was reported.

Complete a Workers’ Compensation Form

Once you officially report the injury in writing to your employer they have to provide you with a workers’ compensation form to complete. Make sure you complete the form as soon as possible with all of the requested information and submit it to your employer. The employer must then complete their portion of it, send you a copy, and send it to their workers’ compensation insurer in order to get the ball rolling.

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