Could Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Heal Brain Injuries?

When 2-year-old Keion nearly drowned in a Texas swimming pool last year, his family wasn’t sure if he would even survive. The toddler was submerged for a full five minutes and his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes before doctors miraculously revived him. He was, however, left with severe brain damage as a result of the oxygen deprivation. Now, thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Keion may be one step closer to recovery.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an FDA-approved therapy which exposes the body to greater amounts of oxygen, thus stimulating faster recovery. Until recently, it was only approved to treat specific conditions, like severe burns, and it was not used on traumatic brain injury survivors. In 2017, however, a groundbreaking case study showed how the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy played an important part in reversing the brain damage in an Arkansas toddler who nearly drowned. In this case study, the toddler suffered severe and debilitating brain damage, but was able to regain the ability to walk and talk after just 39 sessions in the special enclosed hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Keion’s mother hopes her son will see similar results and success. So far Keion has received seven treatments and is showing signs of improvement, such as walking straighter and babbling more. While these treatments aren’t cheap, she says that they are a small price to pay.

Brain Injuries are Devastating

Every year, more than 2.8 million people visit emergency rooms across the country because of a brain injury. While most people recover fully after a mild brain injury, as many as 20% of brain injury victims will experience long-term complications that can linger for months or even years after their accident. The effects of a brain injury are often devastating and can result in serious disabilities, pain, and suffering. Some of the most common long-term effects include:

  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Speech and language impairment
  • Trouble walking
  • Balance and coordination impairment

Brain Injury Survivors Need Experienced Legal Assistance

Brain injury survivors are often left struggling with medical expenses, long-term care expenses, and rehabilitation costs long after their accident. Depending on the severity of the brain injury suffered, accident victims may need compensation to cover a wide variety of treatments, including experimental and new therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These new treatments are not often not covered by medical insurance. At Rosner Law Offices, P.C., P.C, our lawyers fight aggressively for all our brain injury clients and we work to obtain the money needed to ensure the best chances of a full recovery.

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