Two Children in Critical Condition After Car Jumps Curb in Keyport

The small New Jersey community of Keyport was shocked by an accident that took place in earlier this year. A driver lost control of her vehicle, jumped the curb, and struck three pedestrians before hitting a utility pole. The community has come together to support the young children seriously injured in the crash.

Accident Occurred on Main Street in Keyport

The accident took place at about 3 P.M. on January 8, 2019. After taking her infant grandson to pick up her four-year-old grandson from preschool, a grandmother started walking home with both children when she was struck from behind by a vehicle. The accident left her with a broken tailbone and two broken legs.

The impact detached the car seat from the bassinet and launched the car seat into the air. It hit a tree before falling into a nearby bush. The four-year-old was hurtled into the sidewalk. The preschooler suffered a broken arm, leg, and jaw. His brother fared much worse in the accident.

Initially, responders to the scene did not know there was an infant—the stroller and car seat went so far that they weren’t immediately visible to those who came to the scene. The baby sustained a long list of injuries, including severe brain trauma, skull fractures, and orbital fractures.

Two Children Left in Critical Condition

The accident has shaken the victims’ family to their core. Both the grandmother and the four-year-old have left the hospital after reaching a stable condition. Their treatment continues at nearby rehabilitation facilities. The youngest victim is still in the pediatric intensive care unit and receives round-the-clock care.

Protecting Your Children Around Cars

This accident is a parent’s worst nightmare brought to life. No one expects a walk home from school to turn into a months-long stay in the hospital. While you cannot protect your children from other people’s actions, you can help them take precautions that minimize their likelihood of being involved in a serious crash.

  • Avoid distractions while walking. Do not let children use tablets or toys while walking on the sidewalk or while crossing the street.
  • Stay alert! When your children are young, always be aware of those around you and be ready to move out of the path of a dangerous driver. As your children grow up, make sure they know that they should stay aware of their surroundings and be ready to act if they’re put in danger.
  • Use marked walkways. Jaywalking is not only illegal, it may also put you in the path of a driver who isn’t expecting pedestrians to cross in front of them.
  • Be careful around driveways and in parking lots. Reversing drivers aren’t always as attentive as they should be, so leave them plenty of space as they leave their driveway. The same is true for drivers backing out of parking spots in a parking lot.

Seek Legal Counsel If a Car Accident Has Left Your Child Injured

The costs of an accident are high, especially when you consider the time you take off work to be next to your child, the psychological trauma they experience after a car accident and the long-term costs of rehabilitation. If your child has sustained serious injuries after a crash, don’t trust insurance to pay out what you deserve. Call Rosner Law Offices, P.C. at (856) 502-1655. The team at our Vineland office is here to help.

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