New Jersey Drivers Have Awful Commutes

Awful Commute

Commuting through New Jersey is rough; just ask any of the thousands of daily commuters. In fact, New Jersey commuters have some of the worst commutes in the country, ranking 49th in the United States with an average travel time of 31.2 minutes each way to work. Only Delaware drivers have worst commutes according to a recent Esurance commuting study. Unfortunately, longer commutes mean more traffic and that usually equates to more car accidents.

Why are New Jersey commutes so bad? It’s not just the length of the commute that put New Jersey among the worst states. New Jersey also ranked poorly because of the overall commuter experience. This means that not only do commuters in the Garden State spend more time on the road or waiting for public transit, but they also aren’t as safe on the road while doing so.

New Jersey Towns with the Worst Commutes

Some towns and cities in New Jersey have worse commutes than others. According to recent Census data, the worst commutes in New Jersey are:

  • Westfield – 38.7 min commute
  • Hoboken – 38.8 min commute
  • Ridgewood – 38.9 min commute
  • Wantage Township – 39 min commute
  • Monroe Township – 39.7 min commute
  • Maplewood – 40.5 min commute
  • Sparta – 40.6 min commute
  • Edgewater – 41 min commute
  • Millburn – 41.4 min commute
  • Millstone Township – 41.7 min commute
  • Vernon Township – 41.9 min commute
  • Manalapan Township – 42.6 min commute
  • Tenafly Boro – 42.6 min commute
  • West Windsor Township – 44.7 min commute
  • Marlboro Township – 45.1 min commute

How Long is Too Long to Commute?

Being stuck in gridlock traffic or waiting for public transportation can drain already exhausted New Jersey workers. But how long is too long to commute and how do long commute times affect drivers? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend more than 100 hours per year commuting to and from work. The average worker in America spends 25.5 minutes commuting to their job and more than 600,000 Americans have “mega commutes” that are longer than 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, longer commutes are directly linked to a decrease in well-being. People with long commute times have lower satisfaction with life, they have more stress, and they often have increased blood pressure. Shorter commutes usually equate to more happiness. In fact, simply cutting out a one-hour commute produces happiness that is equal to a $40,000 raise.

So what’s the perfect commute? According to one study of 1000 workers in San Francisco, the perfect commute is roughly 16 minutes one way. That’s because most workers want time after work to decompress and recharge before heading into family responsibilities. A commute of 16 minutes gives them time to do that, without taking away from the things they love most.

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