Memorial Day Safety Tips for on the Road and at Home

Memorial Day

While the purpose of Memorial Day is to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, for many it marks the beginning of summer. BBQs and pool parties are common, while others hit the road to go camping or visit the beach.

Whatever you plan to do this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to do it safely. It is not uncommon for a fun celebration to end in a trip to the ER due to an illness or injury. Stay healthy and avoid accidents with these tips.

Safety Tips While Driving

When we hop into a car, we may not consider the fact that we could die in a crash, but this becomes a real possibility on holidays. Memorial Day weekend is no exception. In fact, it is the deadliest holiday of the year, accounting for 312 accidents per year between 2011 and 2015.

If you’re traveling during the holiday weekend, be prepared with these tips:

  • Keep essentials on hand. Never leave home without your phone charger, water, food, and a first aid kit.
  • Check traffic before you leave. It is advisable to leave before traffic gets congested. Consider leaving on Thursday and coming back Tuesday, if possible.
  • Don’t leave people or pets in the car. The temperature inside a car can rise quickly this time of year. Don’t leave Fido or Fluffy inside the car. The same goes for children, especially babies. The inside of a car can reach 116 degrees in less than an hour, causing dehydration, hyperthermia, brain damage, and even death.
  • Don’t drive if you’re not alert. If you feel sick, tired or intoxicated, let someone else drive.

Safety Tips for Celebrating at Home

If you’re celebrating at home with a BBQ or pool party, here are some safety tips:

  • Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, and stay hydrated.
  • Be wary of food temperature. As a general rule, cold foods should be kept cold and hot foods should be kept hot to keep bacteria from developing. Keep meats away from other foods and have a cooler handy.
  • Be careful around water. It takes just a moment for a person to drown. Children and non-swimmers should wear life jackets when around a pool. Ask people to walk – not run – around the pool, as the ground can be wet and slippery.
  • Drink responsibly. Excessive alcohol consumption can make a person more prone to accidents. Drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol.

Take Legal Action if You or a Loved One is Injured this Memorial Day Weekend

Car accidents, boating accidents, drownings, fires, and other mishaps may be attributed to a third party. If someone’s negligence caused your injuries during Memorial Day weekend, you may be able to file a claim.

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