Daycares Are Using Deadly Rock ’n Play Sleepers

Fisher-Price recalled roughly 5 million Rock ’n Play sleepers after reports of 30 deaths involving infants. Recalls help remove dangerous products from circulation. However, parents or child care facilities may continue to use products that put children at risk of death or serious injuries.

According to a recent report conducted by Kids in Danger, an estimated 1 in 10 childcare facilities continue to use the Rock ‘n Play sleeper or other products that put children in danger. Kids in Danger is a public safety group founded by the parents of a child who died while using a recalled sleeper at a daycare center.

The current recall system may not be effective at informing parents or businesses of recalls. Parents and childcare facilities would need to sign up for recall alerts with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or they would need to see a report about the products on the news. There are currently no other methods in use that effectively inform consumers of products that can harm their children.

How Can I Sign Up for Recall Alerts?

In a perfect world, businesses would directly notify consumers of recalls. This already happens for recalls with motor vehicles, but not regular consumer products like toys or cribs. Parents can sign up for recall alerts with the CPSC.

You would need to go on the CPSC’s website to register for recall notices. The site allows you to sign up for specific types of alerts, such as recalls for children’s products. Just check the box for the product recalls you want to have sent to your e-mail address. Make sure that your spam filter is not blocking notifications sent to you by the CPSC.

There are other options you can use to receive e-mail notifications for recalls. Safe Kids Worldwide, a major child safety non-profit organization allows you to register for e-mail notifications on its website. With this option, you would receive bi-monthly notifications for recalls involving children’s products.

Additional websites allow you to search for specific information on recalls. While you can do this on the CPSC’s site, you can also use websites like to look for recall information. You would need to type the product or manufacturer name into the website’s search bar. 

Filing a Lawsuit for Defective Products

You should speak with an attorney if you suspect a recalled product harmed your child. It is important to preserve evidence as quickly as possible. An attorney with experience taking on products liability cases can help negotiate a settlement or pursue a jury verdict.

Compensation from a lawsuit is essential whether your child suffered an injury or death. Both outcomes can inflict a severe emotional and financial toll on parents. However, a lawsuit could help cover expenses associated with the pain and suffering associated with serious injuries. Products liability lawsuits also hold manufacturers and other parties accountable for releasing dangerous products.

Keep in mind, you only have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in New Jersey. There is a statute of limitations that could bar you from filing a claim, should you wait too long. 

Call Our Product Liability Lawyers in Cumberland County for More Information

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