Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in New Jersey

Fatal Car Accident

Unfortunately, New Jersey faces a high rate of fatal car accidents. This is especially troubling for pedestrians, who made up 27 percent of car accident fatalities in 2016. However, the majority of fatal car accidents in New Jersey are the result of preventable crashes. Below, we outline the most common causes of fatal car accidents. Hopefully, this will inspire people to take precautions when driving.


Across the country, speeding has been a leading cause of roadway fatalities. Often, drivers resort to speeding when they are in a rush to get somewhere. Unfortunately, speeding is dangerous for several reasons. For example, when you drive above the speed limit, you are limiting your ability to make sudden stops. Thus, if you need to brake suddenly, then you will have less time to safely decelerate.

Distracted Driving

Along with speeding, distracted driving is a major cause of fatal car accidents. Distracted driving can refer to many behaviors. However, the biggest cause of distracted driving involves the use of a cell phone. When driving, many people are constantly checking their phones for notifications, messages, and emails. By taking their eyes off the road, they run the risk of hitting other vehicles, pedestrians, and even fixed objects.

Reckless Driving

While distracted driving causes many fatal car accidents, so does reckless driving. Often, reckless driving includes unsafe lane changes, tailgating or failing to obey traffic signs and signals. There are many reasons why drivers engage in reckless driving. Usually, it boils down to a driver’s general lack of concern for the safety of others. Whatever the reason, drivers should be mindful of their own driving habits. Also, they should keep an eye out for reckless drivers nearby.

Driving Under the Influence

Finally, an obvious cause of fatal car accidents involves driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In either case, the driver has a limited ability to focus on the road and make rational or quick decisions. A slowed response time also threatens the safety of themselves and others on the road.

Fortunately, fatal car accidents due to impaired driving are always preventable. People who engage in these recreational activities should take necessary precautions when considering driving. For example, limiting your alcohol consumption or hailing a cab or ride-share could save someone’s life.

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