The Dangers of an Early Morning Commute

Early Commute

No one enjoys their commute to work unless it takes you from the bedroom to the home office. Sitting in traffic is a national pastime and part of the job for millions of workers in New Jersey every day. The commute in the morning can be extremely dangerous and many drivers might overlook this because now the sun is out earlier with the time change. But, there are dangers lurking everywhere during the morning commute and we will discuss them in today’s post.

Glare from the Sun

Depending on the time of your morning commute, and if it actually isn’t raining in New Jersey, you will need to contend with the glare from the sun. With the sun rising earlier with the time change you don’t have to contend with commuting to work in the dark. This can wind up causing some drivers to drop their guard a bit. Sunglare is a serious problem. Make sure you have sunglasses in your car at all times and the visor is ready so you can focus on what’s in front of you. If the glare gets to be too much you should pull off the road to a safe location until you can see well enough to drive.

Deer and Other Wildlife

The deer are in the middle of mating season right now, which lasts until December. You will see a lot more deer on the side of the road, running across the road, and lying in the road this time of year. You need to be extra cautious when driving in the early morning for deer who might be grazing for breakfast. You should also be on the lookout for wild turkeys. They are quite common throughout New Jersey, but can be seen most often in the southern part of the state. Don’t be surprised when you see that there are a dozen more right behind the first one.


The constant change in temperatures in New Jersey often leads to the development of fog. Fog is very dangerous to drive in because it can severely limit your ability to see. Many drivers make the mistake of activating their high beams when driving in fog. You should never do this because the light simply gets reflected and can blind you. If your vehicle has fog lamps, activate those when driving through fog as they are lower to the ground than your headlights and can help cut through the density.

Wet Leaves

The fall season is known for the changing colors of the leaves all over New Jersey and the Northeast region. But, once those leaves fall to the ground they become dangerous. An early morning commute in New Jersey might be met with rain or frost. Couple that with leaves on the ground and your vehicle could slide when making a turn, accelerating, or coming to a stop. Be wary of piles of leaves on the roads and give yourself extra room to stop in the event that your tires lose traction.

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