Understanding Late Appearing Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents often result in serious injury. However, sometimes those injuries do not always appear quickly. In an accident, adrenaline surges through the body. This adrenaline surge can mask the symptoms of serious injury. As a result, accident survivors often believe that they escaped the crash unharmed. They may even go home feeling lucky to be uninjured. However, in the hours and days following the accident, they may suddenly enter emergency rooms with late-appearing car accident injuries. These injuries are sometimes life-threatening if not identified and treated quickly.

Late Appearing Car Accident Injuries

When injuries take days or even weeks to appear, injured accident survivors risk suffering serious complications. These complications can decrease your chance of recovering from your accident fully. They may even result in a lifetime of disability, pain, and suffering. Delays in treatment can result in more extensive medical care, therapy, and rehabilitation down the road. These delays can even turn a seemingly minor injury into a chronic one.

For example, consider a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries occur when the forces of the accident damage the delicate nerves, tendons, and soft tissues in the neck. However, in the immediate aftermath of the crash, accident survivors may not realize they suffered a whiplash injury. Yet, the repercussions of this injury are severe if not treated promptly. As a result, injured accident victims may lose range of motion in their necks and suffer pain without treatment.

Types of Late Appearing Auto Accident Injuries

Some of the most common types of late-appearing car accident injuries include:

How to Prevent Complications from Late Appearing Injuries

One of the best ways to prevent complications from late-appearing car accident injuries is to seek medical attention immediately. After an accident, it is important to visit your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as you can. MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds are often the only way to truly diagnose some of these injuries. Receiving a medical examination can help you identify the early stages of an injury before it becomes critical.

Skeptical Insurance Companies

Because it can take days or weeks for these injuries to become apparent, insurance adjusters may not take these injuries seriously. Insurers are often skeptical of claims and injuries that arise long after the crash. As such, they may offer you a settlement that is far below what you truly need to recover.

When this occurs you need an experienced car accident attorney in your corner. Your attorney will need to clearly establish the connection between your injuries and the accident. This will take investigation, preparation, and experience. While you are focusing on your recovery, your attorney will prepare your case to help you win the money you need. Without an attorney, insurance companies can be skeptical of late-appearing injuries and accident survivors.

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