Five Ways to Protect Yourself From Insurance Companies

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If you've been in a car accident, you know that insurance companies can be ruthless. They will do everything in their power to avoid paying out on a claim. Our New Jersey personal injury team discusses five ways to protect yourself from insurance companies after a car crash. Follow these tips, and you'll be sure to get the compensation you deserve!

Gather Evidence

It's essential to gather as much evidence as possible after an accident. Take pictures of the scene, get contact information from witnesses, and keep detailed notes about your injuries and medical treatments. All of this can help you build a strong case for why you should receive compensation for your damages.

Avoid Posting About Your Car Accident on Social Media

We live in the age of social media, so you've likely posted something about your accident on one or more of your accounts. The problem is that insurance companies can use posts you make to help them deny or reduce the value of your claim. Even if all you did was post, "Ugh, had an accident today," anything you write in public could be used against you.

Get a Copy of the Accident Report

Once your accident is reported to the police, they will produce an official report. This document contains vital information about the incident, including what happened and who was involved. Don't just rely on your memory; ensure you get an accurate copy of this document as soon as possible after the crash.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Immediately

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can give you a greater chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies know that if you hire a lawyer, they'll probably have to pay more than if you try to pursue your case independently. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and ensure everything is handled properly and fairly.

Don't Sign Anything Without Consulting an Attorney

Finally, consult with your lawyer before signing anything from the insurance company. The company may pressure you to accept a much lower settlement than what you're entitled to receive. Your attorney can review any documents and make sure that your rights are protected before you sign anything.

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