Do We Really Need an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case?

If you have recently been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in New Jersey, you may have questions about how your lawyer will prepare the most comprehensive strategy in your defense. One of those strategies that your New jersey personal injury lawyer may suggest is hiring an expert witness.

Examples of Expert Witnesses

Hiring an economist, a nurse, or a doctor may be helpful for presenting testimony in court to help speak to how the accident occurred or the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of it. In personal injury cases in New jersey the plaintiff bears the burden of proof for showing that the opposing party was negligent in his or her causing personal injuries.

An accident reconstruction specialist, for example, may testify as an expert witness to show negligence on the part of the other person. the plaintiff maintains a responsibility to convince a judge or a jury as well that the injury is tied to another person’s negligence.

This is why you might hire expert witnesses to evaluate your medical records and other pertinent details. An expert witness can also testify to the severity of your injuries and how it is likely to impact you over the long run.

Showing Injury Severity

One of the most important aspects of a personal injury case in New Jersey is being able to show the extent of your injuries and how this may cost you years down the road. Some severe injuries like paralysis or traumatic brain injury can be extremely expensive even if you have comprehensive healthcare coverage.

The other side may attempt to argue that the injuries you have sustained were from a previous incident or your fault or that you are overstating the severity. This is why your attorney may recommend an expert witness to testify to the strength of your own claim.

Choosing an expert witness is an important process and one that should be done with care. Evaluating each individual for the prospective testimony that he or she can bring to the table is worthwhile. In order for an expert witness’s testimony to be successful in court, he or she must be perceived as credible.

Therefore, ideally this individual will have a background in testifying in cases like this and have a strong background of knowledge expertise or research in the particular field about which he or she is scheduled to speak. The chosen professional should also feel comfortable on the stand whether this is in deposition or in a trial.

An expert witness will be asked questions by your own attorney as well as cross examined by the other side’s attorney, so he or she should have valid communication skills and comfort in handling questions under a high level of pressure.

Selecting the right expert witness, however, can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. The testimony from your own doctors and nurses can be critical for showing how serious your injuries are.

However, unfortunately this kind of presentation may come across as biased since your doctors and nurses may already have a personal relationship with you. This is one reason why an outside expert witness may be brought in.

An expert witness with no stake in the outcome of the case can use his or her expertise to evaluate the questions and determine whether or not your claims are legitimate. This can be extremely important for developing the strength of your case and for refuting any claims from the other side that the accident was not as severe as you are alleging it to be.

Having someone else who is an outside third party to support the claims within your case, may be extremely powerful for the court and could indeed help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Consult with An Expert New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you have recently been hurt in a personal injury accident in New Jersey, you need advice from a qualified attorney who will work hard to represent your best interest.

Having someone on your side who you can ask questions to and receive critical details from in real time is extremely valuable. Your personal injury attorney should have extensive experience helping individuals in your situation to prepare for settlement and trial.

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