What Damages Are Recoverable When You’re Injured by Someone Else?

Personal Injury Claim

When you hire a Vineland personal injury attorney to represent your accident case, one of the first questions you are likely to ask is, “what can I ask for?” While this seems like a simple question, it is not as easy to answer.

After all, how do you put a price tag on an event that changes the trajectory of a person’s life? The reality of the situation is that you can’t. There is no way that a lawyer can undo the devastation and hurt resulting from an injury. However, they can fight to help ensure their client receives the maximum amount of compensation allowed by the law.

Possible Damages Awarded in Personal Injury Cases

In civil law situations, any recoverable item is referred to as damages. If an individual has suffered a psychological and/or physical injury then the claim is called a bodily injury. For this type of claim, you can ask the jury to award compensation to cover the medical expenses the individual incurred while receiving treatment for the injuries they suffered.

You can also be awarded compensation for the treatment you may need for the injury in the future. Damages may also be awarded compensation if the injury they received puts them at risk of additional harm in the future or if it shortens their life expectancy.

If you were injured, your Vineland personal injury attorney may also seek compensation for lost wages. This includes the lost time from work, the inability to advance in the workplace, and lost opportunities. All the recoverable elements of damages are referred to as an economic loss.

Recoverable Non-Economic Losses

In addition to economic losses, there are also non-economic losses that are recoverable. These include the following:

  • Pain and suffering from the accident and future pain and suffering
  • Deformity or scars the person suffers due to the accident
  • Disability from the accident
  • Loss of normal life

Each of these factors can impact a person’s ability and desire to enjoy life. As a result, they may be able to receive compensation from the responsible individual. However, this is something that you need to discuss with your personal injury attorney in Vineland. They can review your situation to determine what elements you can request compensation for. At this point, they may be able to assign a value for the case regarding what you should be able to receive.

Don’t Go To Court Without an Attorney

It is never a good idea to go to court without hiring legal representation. The fact is, a quality lawyer understands what you can receive compensation for and how much you may be able to recover. They can discuss your options and even negotiate with the insurance company or another lawyer to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

The attorney you hire will not receive payment until your case is successfully settled. If you need more information or require legal representation for your case, then contact us today, we can help.

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